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Evaluation & Impact Measurement
Services we provide:
Impact Measurement
ROI Analysis
Logic Model
Theory of Change
Program Evaluation
Data Dashboards & Visualizations
Services we provide:
Interactive data dashboards
Data visualizations
Large data sets analysis
Developing key metrics
Data System Audit & Design
Service description:
Are you working with siloed data sources that prevent you from seeing the big picture? We can help you create an efficient and effective data system so you have the insights that matter at your fingertip.
Do you need to demonstrate your impact to potential funders? Are you wondering what your high-engagement programs are during strategic planning?

We are your kind learning partners in measuring and demonstrating your impact!

Too much data but not enough insights? Not a problem. We are experts in finding the stories that matter with complex data sources.

Too little data to prove your impact? Not a problem either. We will leverage the data you have and do the heavy lifting to collect more.

Don't see a service that meets your needs, or interested in combining multiple services? We are more than happy to customize our services to meet your needs!

Get in touch with us today! We will follow up to schedule a call within one business day.
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