Sample Projects

Note: To protect individual privacy, all identifiable information has been left out.


impact measurement

Request: "We are a non-profit organization focusing on eradicating racism in our local communities. We want to know more about the causes of racial disparities in the local criminal justice system in order to improve our impact."

Services Provided: Since 2020, I have been working with the organization to design and implement exploratory qualitative research using a community-engaged research approach. I provide services including designing a preliminary research agenda, providing one-on-one and group training on research design and methods, finalizing the research agenda with community researchers, and assisting community-level data collection and analysis.


program development & evaluation

Request: "The international student population at my university grew significantly over the past few years. To accommodate this fast-growing student group’s unique needs for career-related resources, we want to create a career development workshop tailored for first-year international students. With this workshop, we hope to help international students better utilize the career-related resources on campus to improve their career outcomes."

Services Provided: In 2018, I was hired to create the career development workshop. I met with stakeholders to develop preliminary outcomes for the workshop. I reviewed documents to take stock of the existing career resources available at the University. I conducted qualitative research and literature review to uncover international students’ career goals and obstacles preventing them from achieving desired career outcomes. Using the information and findings, I created a workshop and an assessment survey to monitor the impact of the workshop.



internal evaluation

Request: "At our organization, we spend a lot of time collecting and reporting data. Sometimes we wonder if anyone actually reads the data reports we regularly put out. On the other hand, it’s unclear if we’re tracking the Key Performance Indicators our leaders need. We want to evaluate our data strategies in order to develop a more effective data system."

Services Provided: In 2019, I was hired to improve the data strategies. I started with reviewing documents – surveys used for monitoring and learning and recurring data reports created for both internal and external data users. I then conducted one-on-one interviews with internal stakeholders to collect information on their specific data needs. I wrote a research report identifying data efforts to be developed, streamlined, and eliminated. I also created a customizable data dashboard that allows data users to quickly and easily generate data reports. 



Data Analysis & Visualization

Request: "We provide three main services to a diverse demographic population. We want to know how well we’ve been doing with each demographic group in order to focus on those with less satisfactory outcomes."

Services Provided: Between 2019 and 2020, I was hired to analyze quantitative data and create data reports and data visualization showing key patterns and trends. I conducted one-on-one interviews with stakeholders to develop a series of key performance measurements to monitor. I compiled a database from existing datasets, cleaned the database, conducted quantitative data analysis, and visualized the data using Tableau to show patterns and trends across different demographic groups and over time.