Imagine knowing exactly where to send your money to make an impact. 

exploratory research

Are you searching for grantmaking strategies that center on the lived experiences of adult learners? Are you trying to help your grantees better engage and support adult learners? 


Imagine the impact you could make if you knew exactly what you should do next. 

We help you gain deep insight into adult learners - their needs, aspirations, and challenges. We also help you uncover invisible obstacles faced by your grantees. Contact us today to learn how we can help you maximize the impact of your philanthropic spending.

Sylvia "meets" her clients with where they are at and listens intently to their questions and lived experiences before offering strategic insight to move forward. Her strategies take into consideration all stakeholders involved and she pays particular attention to stakeholders, who have been historically or currently socially marginalized. Her background in academia and the business industry makes her an exceptional and innovative thought partner in decision-making processes.

Joyce, Operating Foundation