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Imagine impact metrics that help you stand out.

impact measurement

Are you tired of potential funders asking you "Why should we give money to you?" or, worse still, them turning away after hearing what you say?
How much more funds could you have raised last year if you received a check every time you made the ask?

We help you demonstrate your impact on your target population, using quantitative, qualitative, and financial analysis. Contact us today to learn how we can help you secure more funds.

[Sylvia] looks at the data from a perspective that I didn’t think about… [Working with her] was very educational… [In terms of what created the most value for us,] the ROI (return on investment) was really impressive, and I know our stakeholder will potentially focus on it. For me, the DEI findings, the qualitative findings, were the most impactful. It always sparks an emotional thing for me because you read about how much we impacted these particular individuals. That to me just reinforces why we do what we do.

Lea, Director of Customer Success, Tech Industry

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